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Flow Based Analysis Solution for Large Network Environments
FLOW NMS is a solution for the business operating large network and critical service because the solution complements the shortcomings of the complexities that other analysis tools have and the functional limitations of NMS. In addition, the solution is a next generation solution for analysis and management where it provides the functions of operation, change management and optimization and responds to real-time analysis, monitoring and every event by making raw-data of IP Flow into Big Data.


IP Flow Big Data-based Next Generation Analysis Solution

Providing Intuitive Main UI
- Configuring network and designing intuitive UI main menu

Monitoring object analysis
- Providing the mixed question UI of user demand and its service screen

Critical Service Management
- Defining critical service and analyzing intuitive flow
- providing failure recognitions, notifications and analysis according to emergency supervisory standards

Network Management
- Traffic historical analysis by each IP flow service
- Providing the analysis of network node, interface, IP flow raw data in terms of particular event times

The Examples of IP Flow Big Data-based Analysis Solution Configuration Diagram