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Automatic Control by Flow Processing Technology, Application Acceleration and Analysis and Monitoring Solution
Saisei Flow Command rapidly reduces the session stalls caused by the increases in network traffics by optional flow processing technology. In addition, this is an application acceleration and a monitoring solution designed to facilitate stable network operations without the continuous interruptions of users by supporting automatic distributions for each flow and each user in order to prevent specific users from paralyzing network.


Main Function

1) Application Acceleration

The core flow processing technology of Saisei, IFD engine, provides you with the seamless services of various applications by rapidly reducing TCP session stall phenomenon generated in network through the automatic rate control by each micro flow.

2) Automatic Network Congestion Control

Saisei focuses on raising the bandwidth which is available in selected bandwidth and blocking the excessive network occupation of specific flows by using optional flow control. The previous legacy traffic management products require the continues intervention of users because set rules are not matched when users change IP and Port numbers, transform traffic patterns and encrypt them. On the other hand, Saisei Flow Command ensures the stable operation of network by applying the automatic equalization for all of flows which generate sudden rates, because the flow command adjusts optional flow rate for each flow even though port number are changed or encrypted. This is capable of automatically controlling the excessive network occupations of heavy users. In addition, while the existing solutions control bandwidth by utilizing the buffering methods using Queue, Saisei Flow Command uses selective policing. Therefore, the additional delays generated in Queue buffering do not occur.

3) L7 DPI-based Specific Network Analysis

Saisei NPE solution supports specific analysis for micro-flow by each user, each AS and each nation and applications by the analytics using DPI, thereby facilitating the fully understanding of the real-time situations occurring in network (providing over 100 analysis metrics).

4) Real-time Micro-flow Information Storage

To respond to network breach, Saisei offers the flow information storages for micro-flow, which is capable of immediately checking source and definition, IP, national information, AS information and application, which caused problems in a specific time. In addition, when a particular event occurs, it provides you with upgraded network analysis through packet storage function.

5) DDOS Detection and Control by Sensing Patterns for Network Fault

This can immediately inform users of fault situations by the real-time flow information analysis according to applications, nations, AS and Users. It is capable of automatically controlling and blocking the situations, depending on configurations and offers the function where malicious attackers who uses Hos-reputation DB are blocked.

Introduction Effect

Saisei’s application protection and network performance optimization bring introduction effects as follows

1) Providing application acceleration and stable service by controlling session stops
- Reducing VOC resulted in session stops by suing Intelligent Flow Delivery
- Providing predictable and guaranteed performance levels for all flows, including VoiP and video, which is very sensitive data to the nature.

2) Reducing the loss of the nature and packet

- The main function of Saisei Flow Command is TCP stall prevention, which provides a lot of haptic effects in all expects such as delay, loss and jitter when network congestion happens. In particular, this does not generate additional delays because it does not use unconditional buffering methods.

3) Significantly saving the costs in line expansion and operation
- This ensures the stable use of corporate Internet lines with the automatic control function of heavy users, and facilitates that the lines to the best performance without additional extension of the lines to generate additional profits.
- Companies can reduce the costs per bit to expand the time to buy new network bandwidth.

4) Providing real-time network and service visibility
- This provides the analysis of micro-flow level rather than the aggregated flow based on 5-turple, thereby enabling users to check network situation in real time.
- It protects network service resources with rate control by each flow and the control of flow numbers.