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New Generation Firewall Based on Threat and Next Generation Intrusion
Prevention System with Real-time Behavior Analysis
Security attacks are on the rise in various manners, including recent APT attack. In addition, it gets more difficult to respond such attacks due to intelligent security threats using various devices. Cisco NGGW/NGIPS provides the capacity to immediately respond to those threats by securing overall visibility of IT environments, which mainly focuses on those threats and recognizes network situations in real time


Main Function

Real-time Network Recognition
Recognizing various network devices in network and extensive applications in real time

Application Visibility
Providing subdivided control function through the recognition of various applications

URL Filtering
Offering reputation-based access control and blocking by automatically classifying categories

DDoS Defense
Blocking about 1.2 million flow traffics per one second, equipped with DDos vDP of Radware

NGIPS (Next-Generation Intrusion Prevention System)
Detecting hidden threats with the analysis of data interrelationship

Blocking APT+ ransomware
Detecting malignant code files with the function of AMP (Advanced Malware Protection)

TALOS - SISCO Threat Intelligence
Security research center of SISCO - rapidly responding to unknown malignant codes by connecting with security solution

FirePower Management Center
Applying stable security policy management through a single management system to various NGFW/NGIPS