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Virtual Private Network Solution optimized to separate network
NetSpliter utilizes the encrypted technology based on SSL VPN and it is a virtual private network solution to protect the transmission data between encrypted gateway devices in appliance type and the dedicated devices of VPN client formed in appliance. NetSpliter is solution to realize logical network separation simply as it does not need to make a massive investment in network separation, and this is the optimized network separation solution which can reduce the costs in maintenance and construction by reinforcing security and minimizing the previous network structure changes.


The Configuration of Solution

Offering appliance type client devices typical ports and security channel ports The devices connected with security channel ports can access to only security domain through encrypted gateway and block the access to non-security domains.
The equipment linked with typical ports is capable of accessing to non-security domains only and it is impossible to access to the security domain (blocking them in encrypted gateway).

Strong Points

NetSpliter has the ability to make the various business environments needed for the encrypted transmission of data into the safe security domain access environments based on VPN.

The Plan of Network Separation Establishment

NetSpliter physically separates user’s PC into 2PC by using appliance type encrypted gateway devices and client devices and it logically separates user’s network with the use of VPN.

① Installing encrypted gateway in the sessions of Internet matching points
② Installing client devices in the domain of user’s PC (connecting the previous LAN cables connected with user’s PC into client devices LAN ports)
③ Business purpose PC is connected into the client devices of external network ports (such as Int. PC port), and this can access to the business network only and it is blocked to access to Internet.
④ Internet purpose PC is connected with the client devices of external network ports (such as Ext. PC port) and this can access to Internet only but it is blocked to access to the business network.
※ Providing VPN tunneling between external ports (security channel ports) and encrypted gateway