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Sensitive Data Encryption of Big data Security Domain and De-identification Solution
Data will continue to grow by 2020. It is expected that atypical data will account for more than 80% in the data, and thereby, it will get more difficult to protect sensitive private information in the data. Dataguise sees a different perspective on the approach to big data security. This deals with all of typical, semi-structured and atypical data, and intuitionally visualizes the sensitive data like private information to select security options according to business demands. In addition, It can continue to monitor data while meeting extensibility and expanded performance.


Dataguise is a leading company for data governance.

* DAP - Database Audit and Protection

Dataguise DgSecure Dashboard

Supporting intuitive data governance dashboard

This finds sensitive data, collects appropriate actions in advance and runs compliance policies right away.

Context-based Data Detection
* “NLM” approach for accurate data search
* Identifying intelligent interrelation between strings and the information found by people

Searching moving data (transmission) as well as the data stored in HDFS

Full or Incremental scan

* Changing data into the virtual data which is same with real data.

* Data encryption replaces data with unreadable data so that unauthorized users do not read it.