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Intelligent Video Surveillance and Analysis Solution
IntelliVIX is an all-in-one intelligent video surveillance system that can detect, record and search predefined events (rulesets) by detecting, tracking and classifying moving objects, and analyzing live video input from CCTV cameras or recorded video. In addition, if detecting, tracking and classifying objects are sensed in preset events, this system sends users the sensed information in real time. Furthermore, the system stores event meta data on the basis of the objects and video and performs the search and analysis of video by using the meta data quickly.


IntelliVIX is differentiated from simple motion detection, which simply detects motion in video to give an alarm.
This is an intelligent video analysis system where events occur only when customized events and rules are met.

IntelliVIX Conceptual Diagram

All-in-one intelligent video surveillance system

Storing meta data for video and objects and event data, and analyzing them in real time

Real-time video analysis
* Performing real-time analysis of video input from various CCTV cameras to detect, track and classify moving objects.
* Supporting RTSP/ONVIF video input
* Equipped with foreground domain detection technology that deals with environmental noise (illumination change, interference and dynamic background).

Rule set-based Event Detection
* Analyzing behavior through the results in detecting and tracking objects
* Multiple event detection rules can be set in one camera image as follows
* Event domains, event detection types, object filters, types, schedules, alarming methods, etc.
* Detecting selected behavior