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UCS Server Optimized for On-premise Cloud Environments and Hyper Converged Solution
SISCO UCS server and Hyperflex, a hyper converged solution, have the ability to configure Cloud environments efficiently. UCS blade server is a new generation data center platform which unites computing, network, storage, access and virtualization into a cohesive single system in order to strengthen business flexibility and reduce TCO. In addition, as a new generation hyper converged solution, it overcomes complicated operation models in establishing the previous network, servers, storage in a silo manner. Therefore, it provides consistent architecture by the rapid deployment of servers and storage, flexible expansion, operational efficiency and network integration.


Cisco UCS Blade Server Characteristics

Integrated-fabric Architecture
- Reducing TCO with the decrease in necessary network interface card (NIC), host bus adapter (HBA) and the numbers of switches and cables

Service Profile Support
- Including all the infrastructure policies needed for deploying applications and provisioning servers

Automatic Detection
- Cisco UCS Manager automatically recognizes blades and configure them.

Facilitating the expansion of performance and capacity by ensuring sufficient memory space

Providing best-in-class virtualization performance, excellent expandability and reinforced flexibility and simplified server management

UCS Virtual Interface Card Architecture
Cisco Hyperflex (Hyper Converged Infrastructure) Characteristics


Hyper Converged Solution Configuration

Cisco Hyperflex