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Business Cooperation Solution for Effective Business Communication
SISCO Spark provides the existing whiteboard functions including remote teleconferences through digital voice and video, sharing of materials and files as digital whiteboards in order to improve business performance efficiency. Therefore, users can freely write on the whiteboards with each other even during teleconferences. In addition, this has the convenience of maintenance with Cloud-based solution, and it can maximize business efficiency and productivity by smartphone connection where users do not need to participate in meetings directly and use all functions online.


Cisco Spark Board

Cisco Spark Board Type

Cisco Spark Board Strong Points

① Digital Whiteboard
: Users can be creative on the blank screen. Forget about the previous electronic whiteboards where the processor has been too slow for user’s hand movements. It does not matter if conference partners use a regular tablet or PC.

② High Resolution Video Conference
: It is time to separate from the video conference where users have to deal with complicated processes. The account synchronized with your cellphone can call other users simultaneously. It can be used anywhere and anytime.

③ Projector
: Users can communicate with each other by drawing contents on the whiteboard screen.